Although the name officially the name is Portocolom, it is easy to see the separate name written, Porto Colom.

Portocolom, the fishing village of Mallorca. It lays in the eastern part of Mallorca, in the southwest. It is a very charming traditional fishing village, nestled around an irregular bay, where the sheds, the anchored boats and the lighthouse offer a picturesque landscape. It is one of the few natural harbours in Mallorca. The pastel-coloured houses create a relaxed atmosphere. The dry docks and huts or escars (sheds with covered ramps to shelter boats and fishing gear), dating back to the 19th century, are historical-cultural heritage.

Portocolom exudes a maritime charm, with the typical coloured houses, the fishing boats, the jetty with the historic port structure and the moored llaüts. It is the most authentic. The landmark of the place, the well-known white and blue lighthouse, which was lit for the first time in 1863, in, crowning the cliff of Sa Punta, has to be mentioned. Its tower is 25 m high and reaches 42 m high above sea level. So has to be the parish neo-gothic style church of Mare de Deu del Carme. Everything is sea related here.