We love our sea and our environment.

We take great care of our sea, our coast, and our land. We are committed to the environment that surrounds us.

We believe that our obligation is to adopt more than ever a sort of sustainable practice that guarantees the balance of the environment and contributes to the development of our land and responsible tourism.

In addition to taking care of our environment, we want to provide extra security in our actions, to be able of making our clients, employees, and families feel safe with us.

What do we offer you?

  • A safe sailing experience
  • Disinfection, hygiene, and peace on our catamaran
  • Constant innovation to offer you the best

We are committed to the environmental and sustainable behavior

  • Blue ship flag
  • Conservation of Posidonia Oceanica
  • Starfish Protection
  • Recycling waste
  • Plastic reduction
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

How do we do it?

We have designed a strategy that aims to respond to our needs and concerns through the following actions:

Secure sailing

A safe sailing experience. In our catamarans, we follow the security measures stipulated for boats by the authorities, thus providing a safe and efficient service for our clients and employees.

Disinfection and hygiene

Disinfection, hygiene, and peace on our catamaran. We are very aware of the disinfection of our spaces after each use.


We have a philosophy of constant innovation in all our services to offer the best to our clients.

Blue flag for boats

We are working on obtaining this recognition for our catamarans. With this flag and certificate, we will be able to teach and show, responsible behavior and the commitment to respect, spread and enforce the environmental code of conduct that this blue flag grants.

Protection of Posidonia Oceanica

When we drop anchor so that our clients can swim, we look for areas that are not inhabited by Posidonia Oceanic so that we do not damage them.

We love the Starfish

We care for and protect marine diversity and more specifically starfish. We have been involved with them from the beginning, and we give them all our leadership with our logo.
Starfish form our sky at the bottom of the sea. It is one of the favorite animals for those who consider themselves lovers of the sea.
In the maintenance of marine ecosystems, starfish plays an important role as they feed on dead animals and organic waste, thus helping to keep the seas clean.
The most common on the Mediterranean coast is the Mediterranean red starfish (Echinaster sepositus). It has five relatively thin arms around a small central disk that is generally up to 20 cm in diameter. The color is bright orange-red and has a soapy texture on the skin. Its surface is having spaced holes on it.

Recycling waste

Our boats have recycling containers, in order to facilitate the selection of the different waste that may be generated.

Plastic reduction

We have the philosophy of zero plastics in the sea. We comply with the European and Balearic directive on the use of single-use plastic items to fight pollution.

Elimination of CO2 emissions

We are very aware of the reduction and elimination of CO2 in our activity, thus offering a more beneficial service for our biodiversity and our clients. We have plans for the future, to be CO2 neutral.