Dolphin Watching


Enjoy our trip cruising slowly along the beaches, coves and cliffs shaping the southeast coast full of caves and holes. This route presents a high ecological, scenic and panoramic interest.

At some point of the trip, the dolphins can be seen swimming and playing live in their natural habitat. Pictures can be taken to remember it.

We also will make a stop for you to swim, slide down our funny slides and enjoy the Mediterranean crystal-clear waters.

From Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Gran (Cala d’Or centre), Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach), Cala Egos and departures on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning. From Cala Gran (Cala d’Or centre), Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach), Cala Egos and Portopetro departures on Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

This Dolphin Watching long trip is a 3 hours experience.


  • Cruise on Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Gran (Cala d’Or centre), Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach), Cala Egos and Portopetro waters, depending on the boarding spot.
  • A 3 hours experience.
  • Dolphin watching while cruising.
  • 45 ‘stop to swim and snorkel in the incredible crystal clear waters.
  • During the swimming stop you can slide down the huge bow slide and the smaller stern slides. It will make the dip much more exciting and funnier.
  • Through our Eye-to-eye underwater viewing pods you can enjoy the experience of watching the fishes in their natural habitat, observe the seabed and see how the sea colour changes.
  • Snacks, ice creams or drinks are available at any time in our snack bar.
  • Take pictures and videos to have the best reminder of your experience.
  • Environmental responsibility: We take care of our sea, our coast and our land. (+)


€ 55 / adults
€ 30 / children (2 to 11 years)
Free Babies (0 to 2 years)
Round trip
VAT included

Free cancelation: Cancel up to 24 hours before departure and get a full refund.

Best online rate guaranteed.

Departure days in the morning



Departure days in the afternoon



Departure days from Cala Barca




Departure times in the morning from Cala D'Or

Cala Ferrera

  • 10:20 h

Cala Esmeralda

  • 10:30 h

Cala Gran (Cala D’Or center)

  • 10:45 h

Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach)

  • 10:55 h

Cala Egos

  • 11:10 h

Departure times in the afternoon from Cala D'Or

Cala Gran (Cala D’Or center)

  • 13:55 h

Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach)

  • 14:05 h

Cala Egos

  • 14:20 h

Departure times from Portopetro


  • 14:30 h

Departure times from Cala Barca

Cala Barca

  • 14:45 h

Arrivals in the morning at Cala D'Or

Cala Ferrera

  • 13:35 h

Cala Esmeralda

  • 13:45 h

Cala Gran (Cala D’Or center)

  • 14:00 h

Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach)

  • 14:10 h

Cala Egos

  • 14:25 h

Arrivals in the afternoon at Cala D'Or

Cala Egos

  • 17:45 h

Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach)

  • 17:55 h

Cala Gran (Cala D’Or center)

  • 18:00 h

Arrivals at Portopetro


  • 17:30 h

Arrivals at Cala Barca

Cala Barca

  • 17:10 h

Jetties and ports and of departure

Jetties and coordinates

Click on the coordinates of your departure point, you will be able to see on Google Maps the location of the jetty and how to get there.


The advantages of cruising with a catamaran

  • Comfort: The stability when cruising is excellent (almost zero list).
  • Dizziness: The incidence of dizziness is reduced on multi-hulled ships.
  • Habitability and space: It is much wider and more spacious than a similarly sized monohull.
  • Comfort: Our boats are enabled by their shallow draft to get closer to the coast and visit places difficult or impossible for others.
  • Safety: It is very safe and suitable for the whole family, the Eldest and children included.
  • Crew: highly qualified and specialized professionals with years of experience.

Outstanding information

  • Wearing sunscreen is essential.
  • Carrying a towel, a swimsuit or bikini, a hat and sunglasses is highly recommended.
  • Drinks and ice creams can be purchased on board.
  • Snorkelling gears and swimming stuff (pool noodles and boards) are not provided.
  • The boarding places, route and duration of the trip may be unexpectedly altered on account of the sea state, weather conditions or any justified reason.

Dolphin watching long trip rules and code of conduct

  • Remember that it is strictly forbidden to feed, swim or touch the dolphins.
  • Do not throw anything to the sea, shout nor run on the catamaran.
  • Take the pictures without flash.
  • Dolphins will be approached slow and cautiously avoiding any annoyance. We respect the distance, direction and speed recommended by the Spanish laws and regulations.
  • We are deeply committed to the marine environment and Mediterranean protection.
  • Our ecosystem and habitat are of great ecological, cultural and landscape value.
  • Shall the dolphins show any stressed or disturbed behaviour, we will move away from the observation area.

Buy tickets

  • Tickets can be purchased on board, at your hotel, from official kiosks or online on our web site.
  • Paper and e-vouchers accepted. Get it on your phone or print it.
  • Best online rate guaranteed.
  • Free cancelation up to 24 hours before departure.


  • From Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Gran (Cala d’Or centre), Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach) and Cala Egos, departures on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.
  • From Cala Gran (Cala d’Or centre), Caló d’es Pou beach (Es Fortí beach), Cala Egos and Portopetro, departures on Tuesday and Friday afternoon.


Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó is located in the municipality of Santanyí, at 5 km from s’Alquería Blanca. Apart from being one of the most beautiful and largest inlets of the island, the features of this cove, fine sand and shallow waters make it suitable for the little ones.

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Cala d'Or

Located in the southern part of the Majorcan east coast, it was discovered by a group of artists who settled there in the 30s, and thus became the first tourist resort in Mallorca.

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Cala Figuera

It is a coastal harbour formed by the Caló d’en Busques and the Caló d’en Boira. The union of these two points give the harbour a Y-shape. Embedded within the cliffs, this geological feature is one of the longest, narrowest and most sheltered from the open sea of the Balearic Islands.

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