Cala Mondragó


Also known as Sa Font d’en Alís, it is a cove with fine white sand and shallow waters. Cala Mondragó is surrounded by pine bushes and the water is crystal clear turquoise. Next to Cala Mondragó, lies S’Amarador beach which is also part of the Mondragó Natural Park. The beach has good services, a beach bar, showers, a picnic area, and a shaded playground. Every year it is awarded the European Union blue flag. The Ses Font de n’Alis wetland is next to the Mondragó cove. From there the path by the sea leads directly to the S’Amarador beach. This beach is the starting point of several routes and trails running along the coast and offering various viewpoints. On these 30- or 40-minutes tours through the paths bordering this fantastic steep coastline where you can appreciate the beauty of this natural park.

Mondragó natural park

It is a protected natural space (natural park) since 1992, with a formation of cliffs and pine vegetation, scrub and traditional Majorcan cultivation. In 1995 it was declared a natural area of special interest to Birds by the European Community.

The Mondragó natural park has a high ethnological interest. It occupies a land area of 750 hectares. It has always been dedicated to rainfed cultivation, evidenced by the “roter barracks”, this is constructions made with the dry stone technique, which could be used as a room, storage of utensils for the field and shelter for animals. In addition, we find waterwheels, ditches and lime kilns.