Cala d'Or


Cala d’Or is one of the most popular southern coastal areas of Mallorca. It is made up of a serie of small sandy coves of similar features. You can gather magnificent beaches, shopping, gastronomy, and nightlife areas, as well as interesting excursions. The Cala d’Or marina called Port Petit is one of the most appreciated in Mallorca.

In addition to the Cala d’Or beach, we find Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena, Cala Galera, Cala Egos, and Caló d’es Pou. The beaches, framed in low sandstone cliffs contrasting with clear turquoise waters are deeper than long.

The two closest excursions are the old 18th century military fortress Es Fortí declared site of cultural interest, and the Mondragó Natural Park and its surrounding bush. Mondragó includes splendid sandy beaches such as Ses Fonts de n’Alis and S’Amarador, is considered as one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca.


Cala Egos (or caló de ses Egos)

It is a narrow, curved, and fine sand bay located on the south of Cala d’Or. It is a small beach about 30 meters wide, between a large hotel resort. On both sides of the rocks, residents have installed ladders to access the sea avoiding thus to cross the beach.

Caló d'es Pou (or caleta d'es Pou)

Caló d’es Pou is located on the south part of the bay of Cala d’Or, next to Cala Llonga. It is a small white sand cove, approximately 30 meters wide and 50 meters deep.

Cala Gran

Cala Gran is the largest bay of Cala d’Or. The bushy pine trees growing along the rocks help to preserve the natural beauty of this white sand beach.
It is so called for being the largest of all the coves featuring the town. Steep walls, fine sand, lush pine bush are surrounding this narrow beach, where you can enjoy peaceful waters.

Cala Petita (officially Cala d'Or and formerly known as Caló de ses Dones)

It is the closest to the marina. This beach is surrounded on each side by rock formations which are blocking the view to open sea, and by lush pines and low bushes sheltering it from the wind.
It is made of white sand and flanked by low-lying rocks, ending in a small fine sand area with slight level difference. There are sand terraces on the back.

Cala Esmeralda

Also known as Caló des Corrals, it is a 25 meters wide and 40 meters deep white sand cove. The colour of the water, shading from green to blue, crystalline, transparent gives its name to these beautiful sandy bottoms bay. The views can be enjoyed from the rocky path aside.

Cala Ferrera

It is white sand and is one of the largest beaches in Cala d’Or.
Located north of Cala Esmeralda, its coastline is 60 meters wide.
In front of the wide natural mouth that gives access to this part of the coastline lays the islet of Farallón de Cala Ferrera.

Cala Serena

It is quite different from the neighbouring cove of Cala Ferrera, but also with white sand. The picturesque bay is only 20 meters wide.
This sandy area is surrounded by low vertical cliffs, and display a multitude of caves, and the typical Mediterranean coastal pine as well.