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Dolphin watching

A unique experience!

Look at the dolphins swimming and playing. During the watch, we can see dolphins swimming in the sea and jumping about.

Cruise 3 hours along the Mallorca’s Eastern Coast.

Depending on the time we spent with the dolphins, we will stop for a swim to enjoy throwing ourselves down the slide.

Pictures and videos can be taken while dolphins are swimming and playing.

Seeing dolphins is not guaranteed, as it is not totally manageable, and it is a natural process.

Looking forward to the future

Gathering the long years of experience of our crews with our latest generation catamaran-type boats with Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods, Starfish glass bottom boats offers you the best boat trips on the Majorcan Southeast Coast since 2001. From Portocolom to Cala Figuera, we visit the coves and beaches to make you enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Majorcan coast. Besides to visits to the picturesque ports of Portocolom and Cala Figuera or Cala Mondragó and its natural park, stops for swimming from the boat and sliding down our fantastic slides to the sea are included in some of our trips

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